All you need to know about engine oil.

Why should the engine oil change?

At each and every ride the engine oil works at a high pressure, resistance and temperature. It neutralizes fine dust, acids and water. Even the best engine oil breaks down over time, and it accumulates residues.

When should the engine oil change?

The oil change intervals are listed in the instruction manual. We distinguish between two types of intervals:

Flexible oil service: According to flexible service provider (no later than 24 months)

Fixed oil service: After every 6000 miles, but at least once a year

Important: A lot of small driving and frequent cold start with the car can shorten the intervals.

Should the oil filter also be replaced?

The oil filter captures combustion residues and dirt that comes into the oil in the engine. Thus, the filter becomes clogged over time. Therefore, to ensure long life of the engine, change the oil filter as you change engine oil.

Choose the right engine oil for your vehicle

In order to protect the engine optimally, you must choose the correct engine oil. Your workshop will help you find the right type.

Oil Change is included as standard in our service. Please see our servicing checklist for more information